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Goose Down Duvets

Unique decor of Hungarian Goose Down Duvet, which makes you enveloped in comfort, each and every night with our high quality products including Siberian Goose Down Duvet, Mulberry Silk Blended Duvet, Luxury Microfiber Duvets and many more which we carry every season. Sleep in luxury all year long with our bedding accessories when you shop for blankets you know you're getting quality-made bedding so we designed such home furnishes for you that last through multiple winters. Everything you see in our catalogues, in our online store is 100% guaranteed to work like we say it. We offer our customers the best products in quality and performance, as they are the finishing touches to a well-made bed. We also offer a huge selection of bedroom essentials that gives protection and comfort so that you can rest easy. We know, because we use them ourselves.

Nothing could be more instrumental in revamping the entire bedding than replacing the old duvets with the new natural goose down duvets like Siberian and Hungarian goose down duvets. This luxurious bed item is not just best to give a new and fresh look to the bedroom but also an ideal bed item to add immense warmth and comfort in the bedding.

Raymat is the UK based bed accessories manufacturing company leading the bedding industry. Our duvets made by advanced manufacturing units are known to have classy designs and utmost comfort. Our most prominent duvets are Hungarian and Siberian goose down duvets.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

Hungarian goose down duvet are known to provide cloud-like sleep to the users. Hungarian goose down duvets manufactured by raymat are made with the best down. If you are looking for unparallel softness and comfort, nothing can beat the comfort of the Hungarian goose down duvet. They are light in weight and best for those who are averse of using heavy and weighty quilts.

Siberian Goose Down Duvets

Our Siberian goose down duvets at raymat is the real remedy for the people living in cold regions. Siberian goose down duvets is made with the downs of the geese that have the ability to survive in Siberia, the coldest region in the world. If you are looking for the duvets more thermal in nature, check our collection of Siberian goose down duvets.

While setting up our manufacturing units, we particularly kept in mind the people who had relinquished using goose down bed accessories due to allergy. Goose down products manufactured at raymat can be classed as hypo-allergenic as all the goose down products are sterilized twice in an year.

What made raymat stand out is that we do not just manufacture comfortable and warm duvets but also quite meticulous about the style and design of our duvets. This is the reason that raymat is the first choice when it comes to giving away duvets as new year gift, Christmas gift or at any other occasion.

What makes Canadian goose down so special?

First, just a quick intro about Canada and its geese.. It gets pretty cold there, in extreme cases temperatures drop to minus 40° (!) Canadian geese, raised in the heartland of Canada are freely able to roam in the wide open prairies, of which are amongst the cleanest and freshest environment in the world for the raising of livestock.

Within their environment, they're able to grow up larger and stronger than other geese around the world. With a breast size significantly larger and wider than geese from other regions, this gives them a stronger, longer lasting goose down layer as well as a lighter, yet warmer down. Hutterite down is pretty scarce too, making it a rather sought after product!

Our 100% pure Canadian Goose Down, as they're all from the same breed, has a minimum and consistent 700 fill power.

The nitty gritty:

These duvets are stitched with a baffle box construction. The square boxes are separated by a series of 1" internal fabric walls. These walls permit the duvet to expand so that the down can reach its maximum loft, allowing even distribution while still holding the down securely in place. Each box is individually filled with the exact amount of down required, and finished with double stitching and piped edging.

The filling is 100% Pure Canadian Goose down. The casing is a lovely 100% cotton. With a 500 high thread count for superior strength and a soft delicate finish it is especially produced for pure down.

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